In 1976, the filmmaker and writer Harun Farocki (1944–2014) envisioned an institution that ‘we can also organize’ as ‘an assembly of working people, not from an abstract understanding but from the contact points of their work’. The Harun Farocki Institut (HaFI), founded in 2015 as a non-profit organisation, seeks to realise Farocki’s proposal in the shape of a platform for researching his visual and discursive practice and supporting new projects that engage with the past, present and the future of image cultures.

In November 2015, part of Harun Farocki’s estate was moved to a separate section in the new archival space of the Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art at silent green Kulturquartier. The holdings include film and video material that remain uncategorised and uncatalogued as well as various other materials relating to Farocki’s individual projects. HaFI intends to preserve and provide access to these extensive holdings in order to facilitate future scholarly, artistic, pedagogical and curatorial work.

A Day at the Archive is a short photo documentation that offers an impression of the kind of material stored at silent green.

The Residency Blog accompanies the stay of the Harun Farocki Institut’s first resident, Kevin B. Lee (December 2016 to March 2017).

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Graffiti an der Brandmauer in der Lietzenburger Straße / Ecke Welserstraße in West-Berlin, von Harun Farocki als Ankündigung von 'Etwas wird sichtbar'. Foto: Harun Farocki, 1982