Rosa Mercedes / 05

Against “Special Operation” Images. Responding to the situation in Ukraine, this issue of Rosa Mercedes is dedicated to critical visual diagnoses and the diagnostic critique of visuality in the immediacy of war. Feel encouraged to submit proposals (!

The Image as Verb

A conversation on INTRODUCTION TO THE END OF AN ARGUMENT: (INTIFADA) SPEAKING FOR ONESELF…SPEAKING FOR OTHERS… by Jayce Salloum and Elia Suleiman in 1990 that took place two months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. There, similar essentializations, demonizing or belittling Ukrainians and denying the historical legitimacy of the Ukrainian state, justify the “special operation” that this outright imperialist war has been cloaked as. By ALAA MANSOUR and PHILIP WIDMANN

January 17th, 2023 — Rosa Mercedes / 05
#Ukraine Resources (list in progress)

In the attempt to contribute to the distribution of information on organizations, initiatives, and networks of support and aid, this list of links may complement already existing repositories; it will be augmented continuously from now on.

March 13th, 2022 — Rosa Mercedes / 05