Call for Donations: Farocki’s Writings: English Edition: Volume 1: Autobiography

The first volume of Farocki’s writings “Ten, twenty, thirty, forty. Fragment of an Autobiography” was met with a very positive response since its publication in 2017. “It is an impressive piece of prose that Farocki presents here,” wrote Ulrich Kriest in konkret. Andreas Richartz spoke of a “literary sensation”. Further, he says: “Farocki’s text must be considered sensational above all because it shows how finely this image analyst is able to articulate not only his own history in retrospect, down to unimaginable densities of detail, but also an unexpected history of the Federal Republic of Germany from the late 1950s to the early 1980s.”

Outside German-speaking countries, a rapidly growing interest in a translation has been expressed. Together with the Berlin publisher Archive Books, we are now preparing the publication of a translation of the autobiography edited by Marius Babias and Antje Ehmann.

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