[Third] HaFI residency fellow: Ali Hussein Al Adawy

From the beginning of September we will be welcoming Ali Hussein Al Adawy as the third fellowship holder of the Harun Farocki Residency in Berlin.

Ali Hussein Al Adawy is an Alexandria-based film curator, editor, and critic of moving images, urban artistic practices, and cultural history. Earlier this year he conceived a film program on Harun Farocki’s works in Alexandria and in Cairo with the support of the local Goethe-Institut. On this occasion he also edited a publication with a selection of Farockis texts translated in arabic. In February 2018 he made a contribution to the Berlinale symposium Think Film No 6: Archival Constellations.

The residency which is financially supported by the Goethe-Institut, will provide Ali Hussein Al Adawy the opportunity to further his interest in the work and thought of Harun Farocki.

During his three months stay in Berlin we will introduce Ali Hussein Al Adawy and some of his research to the Berlin audience at silent green Kulturquartier.

August 31st, 2018 — Residency / 2018