[Conference and Text Series]: ALLIED GROUNDS by Berliner Gazette, October 5–7, 2023, House of Democracy and Human Rights, Berlin


In January, our cooperation partner Berliner Gazette launched its new annual project: Allied Grounds will further pursue and deepen the issues of last year project, After Extractivism, such as the question of Transition Justice, and expand the dialogue previously initiated between political economy and political ecology. A conference is planned on October 5–7, 2023 in October 5–7, 2023 as well as a multimedia website. Here to the project website.

Central to the Allied Grounds project is a series of texts provisionally divided into three sections: I. Internationalism, II. Commons, and III. (Re)Organization. Their common concern is to explore and construct connections between environmental and labor struggles. Recently published texts are collected here.


Update October 2023:

Our cooperation partner Berliner Gazette has published the results of the “Allied Grounds” conference, which was the culmination of BG’s annual project to explore the ecological dimension of work and the means of re/production as the means of climate production. All results are available on an open access multimedia site in the form of texts, audios, videos, and projects. Take a look here: https://berlinergazette.de/projects/allied-grounds/

May 24th, 2023 — Projects / Event