Schlagwort: Marichka Lukianchuk

[Screening und Diskussion] BETWEEN BEFORE AND AFTER WAR von Marichka Lukianchuk, 4 Juni 2023, silent green, Berlin

Screening-Präsentation der Ergebnisse des einjährigen Harun Farocki Residency von Marichka Lukianchuk, der 2022/23 stattfand, mit einer von Clio Nicastro moderierten Diskussion.

20.05.2023 — Projekte / Veranstaltung
Fortführung der Ad-hoc Residency: Marichka Lukianchuk

Von September 2022 bis August 2023 im Rahmen des "Ad-hoc Fellowship-Programmes" des Berliner Senats.

16.09.2022 — Residency / 2022
[talk and screening] Marichka Lukianchuk at Artists at Risk Talks, Floating University, Berlin, August 18, 2022

A talk about her artistic practice during the war and about the dreams of Ukrainians that she collected.

16.08.2022 — Residency / 2022
[Sechste] HaFI-Residency Stipendiatin: Marichka Lukianchuk

Zusammen mit Artists at Risk.

17.05.2022 — Residency / 2022
How Film-Making Can Contribute to a Collective Consciousness Against War

We live with, through and by stories. We make stories alive, and they keep us alive, it's a  two-way process. By MARICHKA LUKIANCHUK

14.04.2022 — Rosa Mercedes / 05