#Ukraine Resources (Liste in Bewegung)

In dem Versuch, zur Verbreitung von Informationen über Organisationen, Initiativen, Unterstützungs- und Hilfsnetzwerke beizutragen, soll diese Linkliste bereits existierende Sammlungen ergänzen (etwaige Doppelungen und Überschneidungen sind einkalkuliert); sie wird von nun an fortlaufend erweitert und aktualisiert werden.

HaFI, 11. Mai 2022


Artists’, filmmakers’, scholars‘, journalists‘ support, national/international


Support funds and initiatives in Ukraine (drawn from Stop the War)

We do not recommend making donations to Ukrainian organizations from Russian or Belarusian bank accounts.

— Teple Misto (“Warm city”) – our partners in Ivano-Frankivsk

Support initiatives to help refugees from Ukraine in Germany

For those who live in Germany, you can find here a list of organizations and initiatives that help refugees and victims of war. On this website you may find help and support available in the majority of European cities. If you need any help with translation (German-Russian-Ukrainian), you can contact the volunteer initiative TranslatorsAgainstWar.

 Support journalists in need

Ukrainian journalists work under the bombs. It is often that they do not have proper protection, bulletproof vests, helmets and special equipment, and their moderate salaries and honorariums do not allow them to cover these expenses. Our partners from the German association n-ost have launched a crowdfunding campaign. They equip the vehicles of Ukrainian journalists with special protection and assist journalists who suffered during the hostilities.

Donate now and protect journalists at the frontline!


ARTMargins – Resources for Artists and Scholars Forced to Flee Ukraine


For Scholars

For Artists

Cultural Heritage and Evacuation of Art


IWM (The Institute for Human Sciences), Vienna – Ukraine Information Hub. A central place to find information and content from the IWM and our community on the war in Ukraine

In solidarity with Ukraine as the country seeks to defend itself against Russian aggression, and in recognition of the need to amplify the voices of intellectuals from Ukraine and abroad who have engaged deeply with the most pressing issues facing the country, the IWM is launching Ukraine in Focus, a selection of materials from members of the IWM community that will be updated each week, curated by Katherine Younger, Research Director of our Ukraine in European Dialogue Program.



Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund

“To deal with the consequences of the Russian invasion and threats the war poses on the Ukrainian art community – (MOCA) Museum of Contemporary Art NGO, in partnership with Zaborona, The Naked Room and Mystetskyi Arsenal established the Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund.


Today, the world needs free, strong and alive voices of Ukrainian cultural actors more than ever. Our task is to ensure the continuity and development of the Ukrainian cultural process during the war.


One-time financial aid or stipends for up to 3 months for cultural workers (limited number of stipends is available)”



Kyiv Biennial – Emergency Support Initiative

„Kyiv Biennial launches an emergency support initiative for those members of artistic and cultural community of Ukraine who are in need. The initiatives’ main goal for now is to help people who stayed in Ukraine and to provide them with immediate financial support for their basic needs in the conditions of occupation and/or relocation.“



UKRAINE: Emergency Temporary Relocation Resources for artists and cultural workers 



Resources for people fleeing Ukraine



Artists at Risk

“The actions taken by Artists at Risk (AR) are those of an intermediary party in the matchmaking process between independent parties who are willing offering support in the form of accommodation, hosting and/or funds and the like (hereby referred to as “hosts”) and the applicant art practitioners (hereby referred to as “applicants”) who are at risk due to the war in Ukraine.”




Call for applications: three six-month e-flux journal fellowships for 2022. This year we would like to specifically invite applicants from Ukraine and its bordering countries who are currently living there or staying abroad. The fellowship is an opportunity for a period of focused reading, research, and study with the journal’s contents as a starting point. One goal of this fellowship is to identify thematic drifts, latencies, and tendencies that could be further explored. It can also provide space to expand on conversations, contradictions, and other forms of discourse between and beyond the existing contributions. The fellowship will begin May 1, 2022 and offers a monthly stipend of 500 USD. Applicants should submit a 500-word research proposal and CV to journal [​at​] e-flux.com by April 15.


Berufsverband bildender künstler*innen berlin – the professional association of visual artists berlin 

The bbk berlin and its kulturwerk offer active help to refugee artists and cultural workers from the war zones of Ukraine. We provide our networks and infrastructure, especially the workshops. Our offices and staff will provide orientation and support networking with the local scene as far as possible. This includes that the bbk berlin channels and coordinates individual requests for help and offers through its partnership connections.”



Künstlerhof Frohnau / KHF Berlin

offers temporary shelter for artists and cultural workers. Pleae get in touch with: vorstand@kuenstlerhof-frohnau.de  oder: https://www.facebook.com/kuenstlerhoffrohnau, https://www.instagram.com/kuenstlerhof_frohnau/


International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk

„The International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk has set up a special „Emergency Fund for Filmmakers“ for film practitioners directly in danger due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. The Coalition and the Fund have been canvassing for funding and donations as soon as war broke out. In the past days, significant financial contributions have been pledged by Germany’s key national and regional film funding bodies (100K EUR), by La Scam*, the Netherlands Film Fund, and by many individual donors.“ “The „Emergency Fund for Filmmakers“ aims to help filmmakers with small grants of EUR 500, EUR 1,000 or EUR 1,500 to be able to assist in covering temporary relocation expenses, legal and administrative fees (visas etc.), to cover initial minor but necessary expenses required during the current situation. If you are a filmmaker who fits this criteria, please apply here: Emergency Filmmaker Fund Application Form



Universität der Künste Berlin

“Basically, we would like to call on everyone to inform us as soon as possible if they hear about or are in contact with endangered artists, scientists, etc. in Ukraine. This also applies to Russian or Belarusian persons who have publicly positioned themselves against the measures of the Russian or Belarusian government and are therefore exposed to repressive measures, imprisonment, etc. Here in particular, the university management has already begun to facilitate assistance measures. Support possibilities for students are also currently being examined.”



Hochschule der bildenden Künste Hamburg

“HFBK Hamburg is offering Ukrainian art students fleeing from the war an uncomplicated procedure for admission to the University of Fine Arts. The aim is to give students with projects and interests in the area of the HFBK’s main departments space for their artistic work and research and a possibility to continue their studies after their arrival in Hamburg.”



Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig

“For students (of the HGB) who are directly affected by the situation, we offer support, e.g. with homework, exams, deadlines, etc.: rektorat@hgb-leipzig.de or ata@hgb-leipzig.de. You are also welcome to use the counselling services offered by the Studentenwerk Leipzig.”



Kunsthochschule Kassel

“Unterstützungsangebot für Studierende der Kunsthochschule Kassel: Betroffene Studierende können sich jederzeit an Prof. Dr. Martin Schmidl (Rektor der Kunsthochschule Kassel) wenden: kunsthochschule[at]uni-kassel.de. Allgemeine Beratungsangebote: Studierende und Forschende der Universität und Kunsthochschule Kassel, die Beratung und Unterstützung suchen, können sich an folgende Anlaufstellen wenden: In­ter­na­tio­nal Of­fice



Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien/Academy of Fine Arts Vienna – Statement on Ukraine and collection of links to support services



BAK – basis voor actuele kunst (Utrecht, Netherlands)

WHAT WE ARE DOING (more to follow):

Emergency BAK Fellowship for Ukrainian cultural workers in need, in collaboration with countries neighbouring with Ukraine and in joint efforts with institutions in the Netherlands, such as Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht.


BAK Studies: Art as Politics, A Fundraiser for Ukraine (22, 24, 29, and 31 March, and 5 April 2022, 18.30–21.00 hrs CET/CEST via Zoom). Further fundraising BAK Studies to be announced soon.


Prospections, BAK’s online forum, provides the ongoing publication of material such as texts, documentation, and live online events that offer context and insights to radical resistance to the war on Ukraine, by means of publishing contributions by Ukrainian culture workers. This is a humble framework to think along with, develop, learn from, and support the work of artists, thinkers, and activists in this time of emergency in Ukraine.


BAK actively seeks to collaborate with other institutions in Utrecht and the Netherlands and offers to share our resources (knowledge, space) and network for these collaborations.

One example is the initiative 🧡rtforUkraine, a nationwide campaign organized by the Dutch cultural field. From Friday 4–Sunday 6 March 2022, entrance to BAK’s exhibition No Linear Fucking Time is on a ‘pay-what-you-can’ basis with allhttps://www.bakonline.org/prospections/no-to-war/ proceeds going toward Giro555| Stichting Samenwerkende Hulporganisaties.


Together with colleagues of Willem de Koning Academy and Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, BAK has  set up the collective Ukraine Solidarity Link Farm, a broad-ranging and constantly evolving (non-exhaustive) resource on how to act and inform ourselves from here in the Netherlands. You are invited to contribute any information that seems relevant. This is an open-source list that is being added to, discussed, and edited as we go.



Filmmakers for Ukraine



Shelter for Ukrainian Artists (Austria)

“The »Office Ukraine. Shelter for Ukrainian Artists« – is being set up for Ukrainian artists. It serves as a platform for the coordination of various initiatives by civil society as well as by institutions and acts as a liaison between the institutions in Austria and cultural workers from Ukraine. The »Office Ukraine. Shelter for Ukrainian Artists« will have its central point of contact in the Museumsquartier in Vienna (tranzit.at), with liaison offices in the Austrian provinces, especially in Graz (< rotor >) and Innsbruck (Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen). It provides assistance to people from the cultural environment of Ukraine who are looking for help – both online and on-site as a mediation and coordination center. The platform connects the cultural workers from Ukraine with institutions, individuals and initiatives in Austria who are willing to support them in crisis situations.”



Designers United for Ukraine (Netherlands)

“We are a collective that helps designers impacted by the conflict in Ukraine reach safety and find new work opportunities.”



European Dancehouse Network – „with our members, EDN compiles the list of initiatives and funding opportunities“.



SNFS (in Cooperation with Scholars at Risk) (Switzerland)



Stipendien für Studierende aus der Ukraine

Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW (HGK), Basel

The FHNW Academy for Art and Design (HGK) will host 20 art and design students from Ukraine for one year. Thanks to the immediate commitment of the Laurenz Foundation, the students can be supported with scholarships and safely continue their studies in Switzerland.



Scholars at Risk

“Within SAR’s area of work, we anticipate the need for concrete measures to protect Ukraine’s higher education institutions, scholars, and students. Although the scale of need may not be clear for weeks, or even months, we stand ready to assist, including by arranging temporary positions for as many scholars displaced from or otherwise unable to work safely in Ukraine as possible, as well as scholars in Russia who may face retaliation for their opposition to the aggression or support for Ukrainian colleagues. Essential to these efforts will be rapid and robust financial support for such temporary positions from European governments, EU institutions, and governments around the world. SAR supports proposals from the EU-funded Inspireurope initiative, among others, for a dedicated EU fellowship scheme for researchers at risk, including researchers and academics from Ukraine, as well as support for established and new national support programmes, and invites additional government, philanthropic, or private sector initiatives.”

Solidarity with the people of Ukraine and Ukrainian higher education


Studenten- und Studierendenwerke unterstützen Studierende aus der Ukraine​ (Germany)



Dispatches from Ukraine

The Kyiv Independent

„Welcome to the beginning of The Kyiv Independent, a new publication in the making.
It is brought to you by the former editorial team of the Kyiv Post — 30 journalists and editors who were fired by the newspaper’s owner for defending editorial independence.
We are launching The Kyiv Independent because Ukraine needs on-the-ground English-language journalism of the highest quality and our community needs a news source it can trust.
We vow to serve as the true, independent global voice of Ukraine.“


Institute of Network Cultures (Amsterdam)


„Dispatches from the Place of Imminence, part 9,“ by Svitlana Matviyenko

„Last night I went to see new friends that I met quite suddenly when I, driven by curiosity on a town walk with my friend from Bucha, decided to get inside the yard of Count Potocki’s mansion, where the artists’ residences are located and where my new friends now hide as in a bomb shelter, which they consider better suited for that than their apartment in town near an infrastructural object that is a potential target for the rocket strikes. They say they have been staying there for two months, even when it was very cold there without heat in February and March.“

„Vasyl Cherepanyn on the Aftermath of the Revolutions,“ May 4, 2022

„The revolution was a unique experience of learning. Schools are associated with the start, the youth, and the beginning. Education itself has also always been of political nature. For Ukraine and Vasyl in particular, Maidan was the time of collective, instant learning of what politics is, how to ally and conduct something together, and how to believe in each other. As a result, the notion of schooling was taken as a basis of the first edition of the Kyiv Biennial which allowed the artists to combine the forms of protesting and art-making. The participants of the Biennial sought to reflect on prefigurative politics and to involve alternative ways of education and pedagogy that would meet the challenges of the revolutionary time.“

„Reflexions on Navigating (Dis)information,“ by Maria van der Togt, May 3, 2022

„We’re stuck in a downward spiral of self-fulfilling prophecies from hell.
A fictional turned non-fictional land where the global L.G.B.T.Q. movement is a plot against Russia, Ukraine is preparing bioweapons and the West is eagerly scheming to carve up Russia’s territory. All the while Hollywood is working hard to produce the scenes used to discredit Russia. [8]

These battles of words are shedding real blood.

We live in a conspiratorial reality, where fiction is being utilized as an ideological vessel.[9] Always a generation behind reality.

We must reconnect what words have separated.“


Daša Anosova, Kathryn Zazenski, „Q+A: Kyiv Lodge [Kyiv]„, blok, March 24, 2022

The Off-Space Q+A column typically focuses on the independent, artist-run spaces and projects that exist across East and Central Europe, and the people that keep them going. For the March 2022 column, we’ve handed things over to Daša Anosova of Kyiv Lodge to give us a window into what is happening right now in their communities, in the face of war. Kyiv Lodge is a self-organised initiative and space for artists and researchers based physically in Kyiv and online. They are big fans of grassroots artistic communities and horizontal self-organisation, and have been trying their best to build connections with the initiatives that share their values of resisting dominant narratives, of promoting radical art and culture, and standing against the war.


Euromaidan Press (EP) is an online English-language independent newspaper launched by Ukrainian volunteers in 2014. EP focuses on events concerning Ukraine and provides translations of Ukrainian news, expert analyses, and independent research. Through its work, EP strives to bridge Ukraine with the English-speaking world.



Oleksiy Radynski, „Appeal to Decolonize the Russian Federation“, from Stop the War – Useful resources in Ukrainian, English or German

Appeal to decolonize Russian Federation


The Story of the Ukrainian Pavilion in Venice and Exhibition-Making as a Matter of Cultural Survival: An Interview with Maria Lanko, by Denisa Tomková, Maria Lanko, Art Margins. March 15, 2022



Letters from Kyiv. A wartime diary by Yevgenia Belorusets




A Letter from the Front. Nikita Kadan in conversation with Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, March 10, 2022



Volodymyr Artiukh, US-plaining is not enough. To the Western left, on your and our mistakes, March 1.2022



The Humanity Dialogues #1: TYRANNY, ARTISTS AND AGENCY: UKRAINE NOW! Vasyl Cherepanyn (Visual Culture Research Center [VCRC], Kyiv), Timothy Snyder (Yale University). Moderated by Marta Kuzma, March 4, 2022



Alisa Lozhkina, “A Suitcase, a Candle, and a Hammer: Ukrainian Artists Face the Russian Invasion”, LARB, March 8, 2022




Commentary, analysis


Richard Seymour, „The Belligerati“, New Left Review – Sidecar, March 22, 2022



Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, „A means to render our lives believable. How do we think and practice a genuinely universal solidarity when some wars and conflicts are met with a searing silence?“, in New Frame, March 8, 2022

Long Read | A means to render our lives believable


»The Left in the West must rethink«. Notes on the war from Kyiv – a conversation with Taras Bilous, by Jan Ole Arps, akanalyse & kritik. Zeitung für linke Debatte & Praxis, March 12, 2022



Mike Davis, “Thanatos Triumphant”, New Left Review – Sidecar, March 7, 2022



e-flux notes (by Ekaterina Degot, Keti Chukrov, Anton Vidokle, Arseny Zhilyaev, Volodymyr Artiukh and others)



Daria Badior, “Why We Need a Post-Colonial Lens to Look at Ukraine and Russia”, Hyperallergic,



Maurizio Lazzarato, “La Guerra in Ucraina, l’Occidente e noi”, Machina, ​​https://www.machina-deriveapprodi.com/post/la-guerra-in-ucraina-l-occidente-e-noi?fbclid=IwAR2dqIZpmV9en65Q6bMzo-TMnVBX-9pi-y7RDaBhNW_qR0ktI8d5eHsF3VY


“Voices on Ukraine”, Guernica Magazine (Olena Stiazhkina, Jina Moore, Agata Izabela Brewer, Sisonke Msimang, Khrystia Vengryniuk et al.)



Mutual aid, volunteering, donating, housing  (Berlin)


•    Be an Angel e. V. – Ulrike Lessig, 0160 94913542, Ulrike.Lessig@be-an-angel.de
•    Berlin Arrival Support – Greta Fleck, info@arrivalsupport.berlin
•    Berlin Hilft – Christian Lüder, 0171 2132999, Christian.lueder@berlin-hilft.com
•    CineMova. Ukrainian Film Community Berlin e. V. (Allianz Ukrainischer Organisationen) – Oleksandra Bienert, 0176 481 338 62, cinemovaberlin@gmail.com
•    Freiwillige Helfen – Holger Michel, 0178 6623679, holger@freiwillige-helfen.de
•    IWEK e.V. (Allianz Ukrainischer Organisationen) – Natalya Pryhornytska, Ukraine.initiativen@gmail.com
•    kul’tura e.V. (Allianz Ukrainischer Organisationen) – Kateryna Rietz-Rakul, kultura@cobonet.de
•    Moabit Hilft e. V. – Diana Henniges, 0160 96480003, Diana@moabit-hilft.com
•    Nachbarschafft e. V. – Esther Knothe, esther.knothe@nachbarschafft-ev.de
•    PLAST Ukrainischer Pfadfinderbund Berlin e. V. (Allianz Ukrainischer Organisationen) – Sofiya Kondrashova, info@plastde.org
•    Schöneberg hilft e. V. – Anne-Marie Braun, 0163 6054556, vorstand@schoeneberg-hilft.de
•    Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e. V. (Allianz Ukrainischer Organisationen) – Oksana Motus, Ukraine.hilfe@gmail.com
•    Ukrainische Orthodoxe Kirche e. V. (Allianz Ukrainischer Organisationen) – Andriy Ilin, uokkp.berlin@gmail.com
•    Ukrainisches Radio in Deutschland (Allianz Ukrainischer Organisationen) – Yevheniya Kozmenko, trembeats.fm
•    Ulme35 / Interkulturanstalten Westend e. V.
•    Vitsche Berlin (Allianz Ukrainischer Organisationen) – Masha Borysenko, info@vitsche.org
•    Willkommen im Westend – Amei von Hülsen-Poensgen, 0178 20 44 873, Amei@willkommen-im-westend.de


Senatsverwaltung – Informations for refugees from Ukraine



tip Berlin – Hilfe im Russland-Ukraine-Krieg: Wo ihr euch in Berlin einbringen könnt



accomodation, housing

Every Bed Helps “We offer apartments for refugees coming from Ukraine. Alliance of German Serviced Apartments Provider”



Elinor – #Unterkunft Ukraine



Ukraine Hilfe Berlin Unterkunft – Hilfe für Geflüchtete – useful collections of links




Housing support for Ukrainians. […]  Landlords can list available housing on our platform so we can offer these spaces to displaced Ukrainians.




“Wir unterstützen geflüchtete Menschen unabhängig von Nationalität, Herkunft, ethnischer Zugehörigkeit oder Geschlechtsidentität. Du kannst helfen, indem du eine vorübergehende Unterkunft kostenlos oder zu einem ermäßigten Preis auf Airbnb.org anbietest oder uns durch eine Spende unterstützt.unft kostenlos oder zu einem ermäßigten Preis auf Airbnb.org an oder leiste eine Spende, damit wir noch mehr Menschen unterstützen können.“




Each One Teach One – a community-based education and empowerment project in Berlin. EOTO eV works together with other organizations to promote the interests of black, African and Afro-diasporic people in Germany and Europe.



Quarteera – Russian-speaking Queer in Germany



Senatsverwaltung – Welcome spots for LGBTQI refugees



Jüdische Gemeinde – Gemeindehaus Fasanenstraße 79/80, 10623 Berlin



aid organizations

Moabit hilft




Berliner Stadtmission – #NothilfeBerlin für die Ukraine



how to help, where to turn

Adiuto.org – social aid network



Volunteer Planner



Ukraine Help Berlin — Volunteer Signup



The Local – How people in Germany can support Ukraine



RBB24 – “Unterkünfte, Sachspenden, Geldspenden. Wie Sie den Menschen aus und in der Ukraine helfen können “



nebenan.de – Hilfe für die Ukraine: Das kannst du jetzt tun











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